All you need to know about African natural hair extensions

The ontimeeas hair saloon was born in New York in one of the world’s largest fashion capitals.

african-american-hair-1Nancy, the founder of ontimeeas hair saloon, set out to create a system to lengthen the hair and give volume to fine and delicate hair.Ontimeeas hair saloon has become, in a few years, the world leader in the extension market due in particular to the quality and origin of the hair used.

Indeed, the quality of the hair combined with an advanced technique allow ontimeeas hair saloon to propose a truly innovative and reliable product … the best hairdressers in the world use it!

Unsuspected possibilities

You can change the style of your hair in no time: whether it is short today or long and seductive tomorrow, our method of work as well as the quality of african natural hair extensions offer you unsuspected possibilities.

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Ontimeeas African natural hair story

To work with extension wicks, it is essential to respect the nature and evolution of the hair.

It is on this basis that the criteria required to obtain an irreproachable result have been established.
The life of the hair

Here are the main lines of the hair’s life:

The natural hair is wrapped with a protective film also called cuticle.
It retains moisture and protects the hair from external aggression such as wind, sun, dust, etc. It also prevents drying and keeps it shine and vitality.
Deprived of cuticle, the hair becomes dull, dry and brittle.
On natural hair, the scales are all oriented in the same direction. It is also thanks to this that the hair is easy to comb.
If these same scales are oriented in opposite directions, this can become catastrophic.
It is the same procedure as for a zipper: the two parts are hooked because they are endowed with points opposite to each other that interlock.
And this is precisely what to avoid with an extension of hair. Indeed, strands of extensions laid in a direction contrary to the scales of the natural hair will inevitably become entangled.

The result is not beautiful to see!
Wet hair can lengthen up to 10%, this is one of their characteristics.
The extension strands whose cuticle has been removed have a much higher elongation capacity. Thus, mixing the two qualities of hair can cause entanglement and lead to a pitiful result.
The case becomes worse when the cuticle has not been completely eliminated (on lower quality hair) and the scales are oriented in the opposite direction to your own hair.
The African type of hair has an oval section and is relatively thin. Its average thickness is of the order of 0.08 to 0.13 mm.

African american hair extensions

extensions-for-african-american-hairHair straightening is far from an innocuous operation. This alters the nature and quality of the hair. First of all let me do some chemistry . The technique of straightening consists in giving the hair a new structure by making it more malleable. To achieve this result, an alkaline product is first used which breaks the original chain of keratin molecules. Then an oxidizing product is added in order to neutralize the alkaline product. The immediate consequence is that the straightened hair is much more fragile and dry. Indeed, to make the hair more malleable, the straightener has for action to break the chains of proteins which are the essence of hair keratin. The chain reaction which follows is the drying of the lengths and the scalp because the water molecules which have the characteristic of clinging to the proteins normally have no support to.

Prefer the extensions to the weaves and additions of hair!

Women go more often to weaving and hair additions because their price is on average 4 to 10 times lower than the cost of a quality extension. This difference is quite justified, as the extensions do not alter the health of your hair in any way, unlike weaving and additions. With weaving, your hair does not breathe.  The weaving is sewn to the root of the hair. Very bad because your scalp no longer breathes and is badly irrigated; Consequence: dried scalp, damaged hair etc … The additions are strongly discouraged because in most cases the tie destroys the hair.

Why you should use African natural hair extensions?

First of all we are the best pro when it comes to Afro hair for so long time now, and we regularly pose extensions on straightened hair without any problem, simply because:

– Our hairdressers are seasoned with the technique of laying extension for years, on any hair.

– Our commercial policy is clear: the customer must be satisfied and is not considered a cash dispenser (yes, it should be specified because many hairdressers are thinking only of turnover. ). Concretely, they refuse customers whose hair is too damaged or if for other reasons, hair extension is not desirable.